The Trustee has filed a motion to dismiss my case because I have fallen behind two months behind in my payments. Now what do I do?

Within 20 days after the filing of the motion, you should make some payment to the Trustee to the best of your ability. If you are unable to cure the entire arrears, the Trustee’s motion will be set for hearing about a month later. While you are not required to be at Court, you should mail some payment to the Trustee which will allow you another month to pay on the balance owed to the Trustee. If you are able to reduce the Trustee arrears each month (ie, pay more than one month’s payment), the Court will give you some months to catch up in your payment to the Trustee. You are not required to attend these hearings if you are able to tender your payment to the Trustee in sufficient time to allow your payment to post before the hearing date.