The Missouri Department of Revenue has filed a motion which seeks to dismiss my case because of unfiled tax returns. What do I do?

To avoid dismissal of your case, you should immediately provide me copies of your Missouri tax returns for the years referenced in the motion that you have received. Please note that the pending motion concerns your Missouri tax return; your production of a federal tax return for the years in question DOES NOT satisfy your legal obligation in regard to this motion.
If you discover that you have not filed a Missouri tax return for the years requested in the motion, please immediately file all such returns and provide my office with a copy of your tax return(s).  Do NOT pay any taxes when you file your return–any taxes owed will be paid through your Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Finally, please contact my office if you were not required to file a Missouri tax return because you did not have sufficient income or did not work within the State of Missouri during any year requested in the motion.