About Us

In my 30 years of practice of law, I have filed literally thousands of bankruptcies on behalf of my clients. I have learned from that experience that clients require and expect prompt and easy communication with their legal counsel. Indeed, if you are an existing Firm 13 client, we will need to communicate repeatedly and effectively through out the life of your case. Let me to suggest to you how we might achieve that goal with the minimum of frustration and a maximum of satisfaction on your part.

Like most industries, the computer has (or should have) radically changed the practice of a law office. When I am not in Court or interviewing a client, I am invariably sitting in front of a computer terminal. And, like most people, when I am at the computer, I am repeatedly, if not compulsively, checking my emails. I even sneak a peek or two during a break in a conversation with a client. In short, if you want to ask me a question, the best and quickest way for you to get an answer is to shoot me an email. Let’s avoid an endless series of “phone tag” messages which do not answer your questions and do not serve you well.

But even before you send me an email, please mark this website as a “Favorite” and return to this site whenever you have a question regarding your case. While your legal and financial circumstances and issues are obviously unique to you, the Bankruptcy Court has established practices and procedures that it applies to the many thousands of open Chapter 13s that are presently before the Court. Take my word, when you know exactly what the Court expects from you, you will do better, MUCH BETTER, in your case. Therefore, to get an immediate answer to your question (even in the middle of the night when I am fast asleep), please review the Frequently Asked Questions on this website. Then if you have a question, please drop me an email.

And, Dear Client, when you must (or can only) talk with me in person, will you call me at my personal cell phone number of 314-852-8293? Are you ready to start your Fresh Start today?


Ross H. Briggs, Attorney At Law
Founder of Firm 13