Firm 13 is a bankruptcy law office which files Chapter 13 bankruptcies. A Chapter 13 will stop a tax or student loan garnishment and protect your home from foreclosure or vehicle from repossession. A Chapter 13 may lower the amount you pay to keep your vehicle and may eliminate your unsecured debt such as medical bills, credit card balances and pay day loans.

How can you tell if you are a good candidate for a Chapter 13? Perhaps the easiest way is to compare the monthly payment you will pay in a Chapter 13 with the monthly obligations you will keep if you get no legal help at all. In fact, by answering the simple questions below, Firm 13 will give you within 24 hours a free, no-obligation quote as to the amount you will pay the Trustee if you file a Chapter 13. When you hear your monthly payment, you will know whether a Chapter 13 is right for you.

Please answer the following:

    What is your mortgage arrears on any real estate (including your home) that you wish to keep:

    What is the balance owed on any vehicle that you wish to keep:

    What is the year, make and model of any vehicle that you wish to keep and what month and year did you sign each vehicle loan:

    What is the total amount of all taxes (eg, income, real estate and personal property taxes) that you owe:

    What the total amount of past due child that you owe:

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    Within 24 hours of submission of this information, an attorney with Firm 13 will provide you a quote for your Chapter 13 payment. This quote will be provided free- of- charge and without obligation from you that you retain the services of Firm 13. We look forward to hearing from you.